Standard License
Extended License
IMAGEBR CONTENT LICENSE AGREEMENT IMAGEBR is always looking for the best solutions to meet the needs of all our customers.
Read more for details on which license is right for your needs.
Copyright generally refers to something that is your intellectual property; something that you have created. Copyright is a legal tool that prevents others from taking your work and using it as if it were theirs or modifying it.
Once you create something (in this case, a video), you automatically own the copyright to that creation, it’s yours - unless you’re creating it as an employee or on behalf of an employer. An idea can not be protected by copyright. Someone can go out and make a video just like yours, but he can not take your video and say it’s his, modify it or sell it - unless, of course, you give that permission.
If you are a work-in-partnership with a model, you could say that both created the work in such a way that the permission of the other person would be necessary for the publication or sale of the image or that the rights of reproduction of the image would belong to both. For this, cinematographers and models generally fill out authorization forms to declare that they accept the use of the image by third parties for pre-established remuneration. And for this all the images that have such characteristic IMAGEBR requires of its Contributors that such Model Release is completed and authorized by the involved in each image sent.
It is important to remember that the amount paid refers to the right to use only. This means that other people or companies can also use the same image in their projects if they also buy the right to use it.
You will indemnify and hold IMAGEBR harmless from any damages or any liability arising from any use of Visual Content other than the use explicitly permitted by these Terms of Service and its licensing types. You also agree to indemnify IMAGEBR for all costs and expenses incurred in case you breach any of the terms of this or any other contract with IMAGEBR.
IMAGEBR offers two types of license models: Standard License and Extended License.
You can learn more about what each of these licenses allows in the Terms of use and Privacy Policy in you our website.
Below you have the option of knowing which applications are allowed to use Standard and Extended licenses.
Before making the purchase it is recommended to check the type of use and distribution of the image that will be licensed.

Extended License
Standard Licence This licensing is generally used for videos such as in-house presentations, websites, and other less extensive presentations. • Not allowed to be on TV, Cinema, and video streaming services.
• Internet distribution: Audience of up to 500,000 people.
Social media, in mobile apps, on sites like Youtube or Vimeo. • Live Performance: Audience of up to 500,000 people.
Concerts, musicals, seminars, and corporate presentations • Videos on websites: No limit of audience.
Videos embedded in websites • Permitted Use Territory: Global.
• Licence period: 01 year from the date of purchase.
After this period a new license is required.
Extended Licence Licensing for advertising and large audiences. • Allowed to be on TV, Cinema, and video streaming services.
• Internet distribution: No restrictions
• Live Performance: No Restrictions
• Videos on websites (videos embedded in websites): No limit of audience
• Permitted Use Territory: Global
• Licence period: 01 year from the date of purchase.
After this period a new license is required.