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Account Verification In order to completely verify IMAGEBR Contributor accounts, we do require our contributing artists to verify their identity for security. This is to protect all of our artists and their work. All information remains confidential and is kept internally. Contributor must upload an image of their government issued photo ID with a valid expiration date. We do accept: passport, driver license, or other government-issued ID card. Uploaded IDs must be JPG, PDF or PNG. Please ensure that the image of your ID is legible and clear. The name on your ID should match the name listed on your account. Contributors will not be able to start uploading if your ID has not been verified.
Content upload overview Before you get started with uploading, please review the instructions below to make sure your files meet the necessary requirements. Review our tips for getting all your videos accepted to our collection. How to have success? Getting the buyer to find what they are looking for precisely is our goal. Our team of moderators is prepared to select only the images that will interest most buyers, the best seller is those that can be applied to a variety of situations. Video Quality Requirements Technical Specification Resolution IMAGEBR always makes available for sale the clips in WEB, HD, 2K, 3K, 4k, 5K and 6k resolution. It is not necessary to send all formats, always send the largest format, the downconvert resolutions will be processed by IMAGEBR. MIN - 1920 x 1080 - FULL HD MAX - 6K Format/Codec IMAGEBR platform is prepared for processing the following formats: Containers:
MOV, MPG, MP4, and AVI formats.
Video compression (codecs):
Frame Rate/FPS The clips will be made available at their native frame rate.
Progressive scan video is preferred.
Interlaced Footage is strongly discouraged.
Duration/File Size Uploaded clips should be in the range of 3 to 60 seconds.
Clips need to be no larger than 4GB.
Sound/Music Images that have audio as part of the scene will be accepted (ambient sound, voice, etc.). Music or any sound/sonority that mentions or infringes any intellectual or proprietary right will not be allowed. We prefer footage without sound unless it has been recorded with high quality. If voices are clearly recognizable, you must supply model releases.
Using upload area Before uploading you will need to become a Contributor.
As Contributor user:
Using the On-Site Uploader.
Navigate to your uploads page:
Log into your account > Hover cursor over account avatar > Click on Uploads
To begin uploading your work, create collections or select an existing collection and simply drag and drop you files.
Create your collection, drag and drop your content. Your upload will start automatically.
Add description and category, select the best thumbnail and create release.
Auto-tag feature gives you a first suggestion keywords, making it faster and easy for you.
Just send to approval and done!
Manage and edit your content With our extremely intuitive and dynamic interface, the process of editing and qualifying your image is done quickly and efficiently. It is possible to copy and paste description, tags, releases of other clips that you already have in your portfolio in an easy way and thus to give more agility to the process of sending to our team of moderators.
Description The description must be consistent and linked directly to the object of the image.
The more precise and shorter the description, the better your sales potential.
Tags/Keywords This is the most common method used in searches in general.
Make sure you use keywords that help the buyer find your content, not the other.
In general, keywords are divided into:
Representative: child, purse, architecture, money, etc.
Conceptual: happiness, adventure, emotion, youth, etc.
Model & Property release overview For any image to be available for commercial use a release is required for any recognizable people or property in the image. Releases are legal forms, signed by the person in the image or the owner of the property, that permit you to use the content for commercial purposes. In an image for commercial purposes, trademark, and copyright laws require that you have releases. If your content will be licensed for commercial use, and there is a recognizable individual in your clip, a model release is required for each person. You can only submit content where you are the copyright holder or authorized representative. You will retain the copyright of all content you submit to us. The work you can submit to anyone else while you are working with us, our Contributor model does not require exclusivity. With your application, and as a contributor, you must submit written permission from the people, property or locations featured in your portfolio. Each release is reviewed for adherence to our release requirements. Resources You can download a model release template from the IMAGEBR Contributor website. Download standard template Upload a scanned release Select the Releases tab, you are prompted to enter the name for the release in the text field, then choose upload a scanned release. You can attach your release while editing clips. Once uploaded, these releases are attached to your files and available under the Releases tab at Uploads page.
You can also opt to add your releases in the Release tab, found under the Uploads page, where you upload and index your files.
JPEG, and PDF files are supported.
Benefits of contributing Demand for video content is at an all-time high, and continues to grow. IMAGEBR has created a world-wide image licensing platform where you can participate and be paid with your work. Your work are displayed in a world-wide showcase 24/7 at no cost. Our site also has a simple and very well thought-out interface for sending and qualifying your work, also allowing the creation of playlists for sending to potential clients The requirements for contributing to IMAGEBR are as follows: You must be at least 18 years old and provide a government-issued ID with photo. Join. Upload. Sell. One of the biggest benefits of being an IMAGEBR Contributor is that the licensing company will ideally have relationships with a huge audience of potential buyers. Every time someone purchases your content, you get a 40%* commission for videos based on the price of the image, excluding taxes, card operator fees and any other costs relating to the financial transaction. GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE
Our team of curators qualify the images that best fulfill some technical characteristics, ranging from the quality of the footage, through framing and content.
Unpublished images, or those that have a greater potential of exploration in diverse situations are the ones that are better evaluated and ranked, in addition, the greater the resolution made available the greater its resale value.
The payment of amounts related to third party rights is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the CONTRIBUTOR, being the responsibility of the negotiator and compensation of anyone involved in the construction of the sold image that has it.
Payout You can request a payment via PayPal, Payoneer or Stripe when you have accrued $ 50 or more in royalties. To request your first payment, the following criteria must be met: An appropriate validated tax form must be filed in your account You need to have a means of receiving payments like a PayPal account, Payoneer or Stripe.
You can set up the means of receiving payments in the Contributor Dashboard under the Account Settings option.
The currency in which you are paid depends on the country in which you have set up your account.
The currency is determined automatically and can not be changed.
Regardless of your country of residence, the royalty is calculated based on the purchase price of the US file.